Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm SOO jealous

Do y'all see how close David is to Brett Favre?? He just sent me this picture from the game. I think its cruel. Though I begged him to send it to me. A vendor that is creating their safety video tonight after the game, got tickets for them. They are TWO ROWS off the field. Seriously he is so close to Brett Favre. I know Julie you are dying reading this saying, "I'm so disappointed in you" But you know what, I love Brett Favre. He freaking ROCKS!! And he's HOT! At least for a guy who is your age! :-)

Oh and don't worry, I sent my camera with him, so I will post better pictures tomorrow. Hopefully his finger won't be in all of those! :-)


Terri and Bob said...

Is there a stronger emotion than jealous? Cause, that would be me.

Gary and Joy said...

Brett is the MAN! There has never been a better representative of professional football, EVER.