Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have been so busy with Thanksgiving and school that I haven't been able to post lately. So I just wanted to say, I only have two weeks of school left and I'm stressing and getting excited and stressing some more. I'm down to a group project. I hate group projects. I hate that people have different work ethics. I know I am a procrastinator, but I at least get my stuff done on time. Especially when others are depending on me. I'm waiting on two people so I can finish my portion of the project which we had decided as a group would be done tonight. Obviously its not! UGH! But I just have to finish this by Sunday, turn it in, and then get my final question on Monday. Once I answer the ONE question (which is intimidating)I'm done. No more school. I can't wait. So pray for my group, and my final. I can't wait for this to be over!!


Terri and Bob said...

It is annoying to have to wait on people but things do get in the way from time to time... if they aren't going to get it on time then they should give everyone a heasds up on it. I am looking forward to seeing you walk across that stage!

Ashley and Eric said...

Congratulations!!! You're almost done! Good luck on the last part! You'll do great.