Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alex and Janie were coloring tonight. Alex wrote his name all by himself! Granted it's backwards, but he impressed me!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday

This is from the kids last day at Aggie's last summer. We sure do miss her and think about her often. Maybe the kids should go back this summer! I know Alex could use a little Aggie!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Field Trip

Today the First graders of George Whitten Elementary had a field trip to the Flick Family Petting Farm. The Flick Farm has over 80 animals. They range from cats, dogs, to a fox, llamas, horses, ponys, and the world's smallest ape. We got to pet snakes and a tortoise.

Mrs. Flick says these animals were her calling from God. She truly has a way with them. The Flick Farm has over 30 acres. They have also turned their "YARD" into a HUGE playground to entertain the kids in between animal viewing and feedings. Here are a few pictures from our day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter

We had a really good Easter. The kids got lots of goodies in their Easter baskets. I think they had a sugar high all day! They each got a movie. Alex got Kung Fu Panda, Janie got Bedtime Stories. They also each got a tshirt. Alex's says "I Get My Muscles From My Dad" Janie's says "My Mom Rocks"

After the baskets we went to early church. Typically we go at 11:00 because of Janie and Alex's "CHURCH SCHOOL" but they didn't have classes this weekend so we went early. Church was full, and I"m always disappointed by the people who only go at Easter and Christmas and seem to have forgotten how church works. Anyway the kids looked great in the Easter clothes!

After church we went to Waffle House for breakfast. David picked! It was actually VERY good. We came home changed clothes and watched Kung Fu Panda, later I started our meal, and the kids played outside. We had a great day, we hunted eggs in the front yard and had a great meal.

Hope your Easter was just as great!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday

This is a two parter. Janie and I went to lunch on Friday, and both had the freckled lemonade to drink. Its amazing strawberry lemonade. Janie was eating all of the strawberries out of my glass and decided to eat the lemon as well. So you get two pictures courtesy of my iPhone. The second is a little blurry because I was laughing so hard at her. But these are definetly some favorites!

Easter Preparations

We have been busy with all kids of Easter stuff this week.

A week ago, the Dollar General Store Support Center had an Easter Egg Hunt for all the families of Dollar General Employees. The kids had a blast, and each came home with a bunny, a bucket, and around 30 eggs stuffed full of candy! They also got to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Unfortunately I had to work and missed this egg hunt.

This week also started Janie's spring break. Monday morning she got to stay home with me for awhile, but Tuesday and Wednesday had to go to YMCA care while David and I were both at work.

Thursday she had me all day. I only had to go to work for Inventory and that wasn't until 9pm so we had a girls day! First we met up with David and Alex. Alex's class was having their Easter Egg Hunt. Those kids had a ton of fun, and again we got lots of candy and eggs!

Janie was such a big girl, she just helped all the little kids find eggs, and didn't once complain about being there. (SIDENOTE: SHE WILL BE STUDENT OF THE MONTH AGAIN AT HER NEW SCHOOL, THE NOTE CAME HOME FRIDAY! WE ARE SO PROUD OF HER) Afterwards her and I went to lunch, just the girls. David asked if he could come along, she told him he could if he really wanted to, but she would like it to be just a girls lunch. He was totally jealous when we went to Red Robin! We then went to Justice (a girls clothing store), unfortunately we didn't find anything we could agree on there, but we went to the Children's Place and she got a new dress, and two shirts, Alex got some shorts, a shirt, and some undies! Then we went to Bath and Body Works and smelled EVERYTHING. We wound up with some Wallflowers, Soap, and a Loofah for Janie! Then we decided to pick up Alex early. When we got home the kids had ice cream cones and I started cooking the eggs. And Thursday night we were able to dye eggs. It was a little different this year. We only did 10 eggs because that's all I had. It was weird to do such a little amount of eggs. Normally we all get together on my side of the family and so there are a TON of eggs. But we have eggs that say each of ours names, one has a flower, one a cross, one said Dad Rocks but Tinkerbelle ate that one, shell and all! YUCK! And we also have one that says Dollar General! I think we should have had one that says DAVID IS CRAZY!

Yesterday we got up early, since David was off, and went to see Hannah Montana the movie. THE KIDS LOVED IT. Every little girl in the theatre was singing along. It was really cute. Yesterday afternoon I had to work. :(

This morning we made our dessert for our Easter meal. Janie picked something out of a magazine, and I must say it looks REALLY GOOD! Here is ours!

So that's what we have been up to, Hopefully the Easter Bunny will find us in Tennessee and finds you too!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday

So today's favorite photo is of Kristy and Julie at Kristy's bachelorette party! As I was looking through some pictures tonight I was also drinking a glass of So Blue from the Summit Lake Winery. So when I saw this picture of the two of them at the windery I picked it as my favorite. It was a fun time that night just hanging out and talking! Kristy and I grew up together and were more like sisters than neighbors!

On a side note, I'm down to one last bottle of So Blue, so someone needs to visit me and bring me a bottle! :-) Actually they are thinking about changing the Tennessee law and allowing us to have wines from out of state wineries mailed to us! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!