Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Student of the Month

Yesterday Janie came home from school announcing she was November's student of the month. The note said that the student of the month is chosen by the teachers because of their attitude, always doing there work, being responsible, and kind to others. So Janie gets her picture hung on the bulletin board at school, gets her picture taken for the newspaper, and gets an ice cream party at the end of November. We are very proud of her!

Moving Day

Moving Day came bright and early Saturday morning. The movers arrived at the apartment at 7:00am. Everyone was super tired. But they loaded up the truck, headed to storage to get a few more things, and then over to the house to unload. Unfortunately that's where the whole running smooth thing stopped. Kasey, the guy that was moving out of the house, was supposed to call us Friday afternoon with the keys and garage door opener. Kasey is a very slow mover. When I arrived at the house the first time at 7:30 there were no lights on. When I came back with the kids, Grandma, Grandpa and the dog, he was walking up the street to help the neighbor set up the big screen TV. He finally was gone at noon. And he still left a mess and a bunch of junk in the house. So our movers arrived at the house around 9:30 and waited an hour for Kasey to get out of the house. What a waste of time. They finally started loading around 11ish and got the first load done rather quickly. Then it was back to storage for the second load. Everything was in the house by 5. We did some cleaning and a little unpacking but all that was cut short because we had to go see High School Musical 3 Senior Year at 7:30. What fun!! We were all exhausted on Sunday. I've been working on unpacking all week. I think I may get it done eventually! :-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We did our final walk through of our house tonight. Everything looks great and we are ready to move in this weekend. Yeah!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Trick or Treat

Last night we went to the Nashville Zoo. They are having a special Halloween event this past weekend and this coming weekend and since we will be busy moving this coming weekend we took the kids last night. We went with David's boss Rick, his wife Gloria, and their daughter Samantha. The kids had a great time going from booth to booth trick or treating and getting their map stamped. Once they had all 20stamps they got to get a special surprise. (Cute Pumpkin Flashlight). We didn't see too many animals but we did go on a hayride and go through a Monster Lab where we got to touch Alien Guts, Kidney and Finger salad, brains, mummy skin and others. Alex did not like touching stuff. A lot of kids had their costumes on. We did not. David just didn't think it would be right for a hunter (Alex) to be at the zoo.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Got Oxygen

After we left the Rain Forest Cafe, Matt and David walked into Oxynate, the oxygen bar next to it in the mall. The listened to the lady explain the benefits and what all they would get, so they fell for it and decided to get oxynated. They got to sit in massage chairs, then sniff on some oxygen while they got their heads rubbed, then they got a power shot, and a Powerade. They seemed to like it. David who has had a cold, said he felt a lot better afterwards. I'm not sure if I believe him or if it was all in his head! :-) I might have to try it sometime I guess!

Katlyn's Birthday

The Cowell's came to visit because that is what Katlyn wanted to do for her birthday, which is tomorrow. Anyway she got to pick where we went to eat her birthday meal, so we went to the Opry Mills Mall and ate at the Rain Forest Cafe. The kids had lots of fun looking at all the animals. It was Jordan's first time there. Alex liked the storm.

And of course they all liked the ice cream Katlyn got for her birthday!

Waiting on the Cowell's

The Cowell's came to visit this last weekend, Janie and Alex were determined to stay up until they got here. They arrived Friday a little after 11:00pm. The kids just didn't make it. But aren't they cute sleeping on the couch?

Friday, October 10, 2008

BOOgie with the Golden Girls

Janie danced tonight at the Hendersonville High School game. The HHS Golden Girls had a clinic yesterday, (FALL BREAK) for all the elementary school girls. The girls got to do a Halloween themed dance. The Kindergarten and 1st graders danced to I want Candy, 2-4 danced to Ghostbusters, and the 5 graders to Get Your Freak On. Then the whole group did THRILLER. It was really cute. Too bad I don't have a picture to share. Alex woke up from his nap in tears because his ear hurt and had a fever. He's had a cold all week. So I was rushing to get Janie to dance practice, him to the doctor and make it all by 5:30. We made it and I bought a disposable camera when I picked up Alex's prescription at Walgreen's. So I will have pictures. Just later. And Alex has a yucky ear infection. Bummer!

Till Next Time,