Saturday, November 15, 2008

Black Eyed Pea

Last night we went to Sam's to do a little Christmas/Thanksgiving shopping. We got a few things, $100 worth of course. Can you really go in there and not spend that much? Anyway, when we were done, it was 7:30 and the kids were starving, so we went to Black Eyed Pea. They have the best broccoli rice casserole! So the kids each ordered there typical cheeseburger and mini corn dogs. I got a vegetable plate, because all I really wanted was broccoli rice casserole. And David got the "TEXAS" Sized Country Fried Steak. I about died when it came out. It was huge. I had to take a picture. They all put their hands on the plate so you could see how big it was. HUGE!


Terri and Bob said...

That's HUGE!! Sadly, though, I could have probably finished it and asked for more! Well, maybe not!

Ashley and Eric said...

Did he finish it?!?!?

Jeanne said...

No way! I think he brought over half of it home.