Thursday, February 5, 2009

Alex and the Wii

I challenge any of you to play Wii with Alex. He will totally kick your butt at tennis. Over the weekend the four of us played. Whoever had Alex on their team won. And we switched it up so all of us got to play with him. He totally loves the Wii. Every night that is the first question he asks when we get home. "CAN I PLAY WII?" It could keep him entertained all night if I let him. Tonight is bath night though, so he's going to have to quit a little early. Anybody want to tackle that argument for me??


Terri and Bob said...

Good luck with that.

Ashley and Eric said...

Hahaha too cute! I volunteer Eric to challenge him!

Julie said...

I love seeing them on here! i won't challenge him, but I will be on his team the next time you are in town, may be my only chance at winning! Can a boy be on a girl's team in Alex logic?