Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is tomorrow! Are you having a party or going to a party? David invited his boss over. So we will have company, but Janie was really hoping for a party like we used to have back home. I'm sad to say she might be disappointed! :(
Anyway, who are you cheering for? David and I will be wearing our Cardinal gear! Granted we only have St. Louis Cardinal gear, but its still Cardinal so I guess its going to have to work. I think we both are still Kurt Warner fans from his days in St. Louis! Plus I kind of like to root for the underdog. Regardless, have fun tomorrow!! GO CARDINALS!


Terri and Bob said...

We are right there with you. Ashley and Eric are coming over and I have had a ball planning snacks. Eric is cheering for the Steelers but that is a long story. We are cheering for the Cardinals. We love Kurt Warner too. We think he is an all around great guy!

Ashley and Eric said...

I'm cheering for the Cardinals, Eric is cheering for the Steelers (only because he made a bet with this guy who thinks he knows everything and Eric wanted to disagree just for the sake of disagreeing.)