Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Anniversary

Tomorrow is our Anniversary. Last week I told David that I really wanted to do something. We really haven't had a chance to go out just the two of us since we have moved so we thought we would get a baby-sitter, but who?

I asked Hilary (a girl I work with, who also has worked in daycare for 8 years) if she would be available Sunday night to watch the kids. I knew she wasn't working so I was hopeful. She said it was no problem she could baby-sit. Little did I know her and David were already conspiring.

Later on in the week Hilary asked if she could just come over Friday night to meet the kids, she didn't want them to freak out...I really didn't think my kids were that type but if they were all more comfortable hey come on over.

So yesterday morning I had to be at work at 6 to do our weekly inventory (YUCK)! Hilary and I talked about her coming over, then she went off to daycare and I worked at Sun Tan City for the day. At 4:20 I left the store. David called asking where I was, told him I was on my way to pick up Janie and would then be home, he sounded like he was already on his way, which isn't too surprising, it was Friday and he and his boss both get a little antsy to leave in the afternoons.

So I picked up Janie and headed home. When I got there, David and Alex were waiting with a bag and card. I opened the card first, it was your typical, I love my wife, can't live without you, anniversary card, but handwritten on a piece of paper was this poem

I have a great big secret
And somehow this time I was able to keep it
Janie knew and Hilary too
But somehow we were able to keep it from you
Tonight is the night we go on our date
Our Anniversary is Sunday but I just couldn't wait
September's is where we'll be eating soon
then off to a movie that's not a cartoon
So get yourself ready Hilary is on her way
I am hoping you will always remember this day
I love you so much with all of my heart
And I knew that I would from the very start
Happy Anniversary to a very special wife
That I will be with for the rest of my life

I was totally shocked. David can NEVER keep a secret from me! AND to top it off he got me a North Face Jacket I've really been wanting. So I rushed to get ready and Hilary came over to watch the kids...and off we went.

We went to September's which is totally amazing. It's owned by a lady named September and it's more of an upscale restaurant. She does wine tastings that we went to once when Gary and Joy visited right after we moved. And its just really amazing food. I ordered a hand-mulled Mojito. It was amazing. I took pictures with my iPhone so I could share with everyone.

They then brought us bread with dipping oil. It was so good, we also ordered a spinach and artichoke appetizer to eat. ALSO Amazing!

We ordered our meal. I got a filet, which could melt in your mouth. It was supposed to come with spinach bread pudding, which did not sound appetizing to me so I substituted the overstuffed baked potato! So good! David got the Pepper-Crusted Duck breast. It was very good. He did try the spinach bread pudding. He liked it. It was just okay. My potato was much better! I started eating my food before I remembered to take pictures, but you get the idea!

We were trying to decide on desserts when our waiter brought the dessert tray over. How could you say no! We got the Sunken Pecan Cheesecake. OH my GOODNESS! It was cheesecake with pecan pie filling in the die for. YUMMY!

When we left dinner we walked to the movie theater. Every movie we wanted to see was going to start at that very minute or had already started, so we didn't want to wait another hour to see a movie, we shopped for a bit, and headed home.

The kids had an amazing time with Hilary, they didn't want us to come home. And they can't wait for her to come back. And we had a great time too. After dinner we kept thinking who we knew that would love September's. We totally agreed that food snobs like Bob and Terri would love it! :-) Actually they are having some great wine tastings coming up, and a cigar and tequila tasting as well. David is really hoping Bob gets a spring break and wants to visit!

It was an amazing anniversary two days early! And I know we ate meat on Friday, but since we were celebrating we get a reprieve right? So I hope this explains why my other post was late!

Thanks David, Janie and Hilary for the great surprise!


Terri and Bob said...

I forgot to call back!!

Is this why David called?? I think September's sounds awesome. When we drive through in July we'll stop there to eat. We would totally love this place!

Dang it. I wish I had called him back! It sounds like amazing food. We love wine tastings, too!

Jeanne said...

Yes this is why David called. I updated the post and included September's website. You should totally check it out!

Ashley and Eric said...

I answered!!! I loved hearing about it all!!!!