Friday, January 9, 2009

One Week Down

So Janie has one week of her new school down. I think she really likes it. Although I'm not sure she really likes the time. Before she was starting at 8:45, now she is starting at 7:45. I think it will just be an adjustment. She also informed me today, that her and a little boy that sat at her table had to be moved. Apparently he was making fun of her and she decided to tell on him, so now her and Jenae (isn't that a great name?) were moved. Jenae has been designated her buddy to help her get acclimated with everything. Hopefully next week will continue to be good!

I too started work this week. There is a lot of training involved in tanning that I never new of. These girls no A LOT about lotions and beds. Its crazy. But I can tell you my back and legs are tired of wiping out beds. Hopefully next week will lead to me doing more things than just cleaning beds!

Wish Us Luck!


Terri and Bob said...

Good for Janie, that little brat needed to be told on. A girl can only take so much.

I know you will have a better time as the training goes on. You gotta know it all before you can manage others. I know more about plumbing, roofing, cracks in concrete, insulation, mouse control, bug sprays, vomit clean up etc... than one should ever know.

Ashley and Eric said...

You're going to love your job. I used to really enjoy tanning at TanCo because everyone there seemed really happy to be at work. I imagine you'll be like that too at your job.