Monday, September 7, 2009

You Ruined Your Supper

Janie and Alex have ears like rabbits. When the ice cream truck makes the turn at the entrance of our subdivision they know it. So Sunday while we were all resting...Janie, Gary, Grandma, and I were all watching a movie. Joy, Alex and David were playing upstairs...all of the sudden I hear some crazy screaming and I'm wondering what in the world is going on with Alex. He races down the stairs screaming "ICE CREAM TRUCK!! ICE CREAM TRUCK!!"

Well it was 6:30 and supper was in the oven, so I told both kids we would go out and wait for the ice cream truck but whatever we got went into the freezer and we had to wait until after supper. They agreed. So out we went waiting for the ice cream truck, but we didn't hear him anymore. HUH?

Grandpa Gary went walking down the street to see if he could find the truck, he did and around came the ice cream truck. Gary, Joy, Grandma, Janie and Alex all got ice cream. Janie and Alex even got temporary tattoos. So as the truck drives away I remind all of the children to run inside and put their ice cream in the freezer. About the same time I hear the rip of the ice cream wrapper. Grandpa Gary was going to ruin his supper.

Well of course Alex would not let it go. Grandpa did put his ice cream in a freezer bag and into the freezer to save for after dinner. But Alex repeatedly let Grandpa know he was going to ruin his supper. After both boys finished a great dinner they got to enjoy their ice cream. Thankfully no one ruined their supper!

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Terri and Bob said...

That Grandpa! Doesn't he know he is a role model?? Glad supper wasn't ruined for anyone!