Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dollar General Grand Opening

Saturday was the Grand Opening of our new Dollar General. Dollar General has made a lot of changes in the last year. This new store is just down the road from our Corporate Office and is going to be our Model Store. It is Awesome. The new concept of wider aisles, better merchandise..its great.

We also have a new theme if you haven't see the video check out this link. They showed this at our Company meeting.

Anyway we were at the Grand Opening in time for the ribbon cutting. They had both the Indy Racecar and the Nascar Car onsite. Gretchen Wilson was there. They also had games, prizes, hotdogs, soda and lots of fun.

When we got in the store we got coupons, a free snuggle bear, and a free Coca-Cola tshirt. Janie had Gretchen sign her tshirt.

Alex enjoyed the outdoor activities more than then being inside. He liked the racecars and racing the pedal car. He won a few prizes too. We came home with a Dollar General grocery bag (one of the reusable "green" bags) a DG pillow, a cup, watch, and several racing pictures.

It was a great day at Dollar General!

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Terri and Bob said...

Bob and I loved the Santa video!

Will the other stores be remodeled?

I love the photo of Janie and Gretchen!!