Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Mom can you please get this?"

So last night we stopped on the way home to do a little shopping. I was looking for more work clothes. We stopped at Ross which is close to our house, and a lot like TJ Maxx. Anyway, as I'm looking around Alex is going crazy. Janie and David are both looking in their sections of the store and Alex is hanging out with me. I have a couple of things in my hand when Alex runs up to me and says, "Mom, Come here" I politely tell him I'm looking at something and what does he need.

"I need you to come here!"

"What Alex?"

"I want to show you something"

"Just a minute,"

"UGH! Mom, will you please get this" He's holding up a pink lace nightie.


"Please, Mom I really like it!"

"Uhm, NO!"

"Please Mom, let me ask Dad!" He runs off with the nightie in his hand to ask David!

I'm about to die of embarrassment when Alex comes back and says

"dad says its okay!"

Absolutely not! Its not my size and I'm for sure not buying something like that, that my four year old picked out. Why do boys have to start so young!!!