Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Steffes Breakfast

I've been converted. I know all of my family is going to think this is gross, but I've been converted. We had pancakes and sausage for breakfast on Sunday. David of course got out the Velveeta for his, and half way through mine I tried it. I can't believe I liked it. Here is a picture of my pancakes, sausage, velveeta and syrup. YUM!


Anonymous said...

That is so disgusting....Pat would probably like it though--Jenny

Ashley and Eric said...

Okay, Jenny, you obviously haven't tried it. As a Steffes, I must insist that you try it before you say it is disgusting. It is a Steffes family tradition going back as far as velveeta cheese goes, and it is amazing. :)

Terri and Bob said...

I am with Jenny on this one and I have tried it. I am not a Velveeta fan in any situation, so there you go. I am glad you liked it Jeanne, as it seems to put you in an elite group!

Anonymous said...

Go Velveeta and pancakes
Go Vanilla Ice Cream/choc syrup/saltines
Go Peanuts IN Cola bottle
Go Watermelon/Ice cream gs