Monday, September 8, 2008

Dollar General Family Picnic

Saturday was Dollar General's picnic. It was held at the YMCA of Middle Tennessee in Nashville. There was horseback riding, (which we didn't get to do because David wasn't on the original emails going around work so we didn't get signed up)banana boats, bingo, pontoon rides, water slides, tons of bounce house, slides, a trackless train, a balloon artists, and caricature drawings. Plus, lunch was catered by Famous Dave's and there was cotton candy, kettle corn, and all kinds of ice cream treats. So we got there at about 11:30 had lunch. It was awesome. Then we saw the balloon man.

He convinced Janie she had to blow up one of her own balloons. Needless to say she couldn't do it. He was very funny!

So he finished her balloon for her, which was a surprise. She got a Happy face riding on her shoulders and Alex got the Black Spider Man.

Then we headed out to all the inflatables. They did the giant slide, one with basketball inside, a soccer one, a Thomas the Train one, and then back to the giant slide. This time they talked their dad into it. I don't think it was that hard. It looked like lots of fun!

Then we headed to bingo for awhile. Alex won first. He picked out a train set as his prize. Which he has already broken by the way. Then he won a second time. Which did not go over well with his sister. This time he got grape soda. Then I won and got some picture frames. Still not going over well with Janie. Finally we played blackout and it was down to two numbers that had not been called. The caller said that whatever number he called of the two was NOT the winner and the other person got the prize. Which was Dollar General Racing shirts and jackets. Well we got lucky and they didn't call Janie's number. But she sure didn't want the racing shirt and jacket that did not fit her. So she talked them into letting her pick her prize, which is a Disney Princess TV tray. Its kind of nice. She really likes having it.

We did not do any of the water activities. Maybe next year. It rained all day Friday and into Saturday morning, so it was pretty cool Saturday. The kids were a little upset because they went in their swimming suits just in case. But I think they had fun anyway. Looking forward to next year for sure.

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Terri and Bob said...

Now that is cool that the company does something like this for the families... it gives me an idea....maybe for my teachers' families...