Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Frustrated Part 2

UGH! So I ordered my books, and everything is okay with school. Only 3 classes left. I will take two from August to October, and then the final one from October to December. I have to apply for graduation or something like that. They sent me an email that I can't read, and that is why I'm frustrated. Apparently our computer didn't make the trip to Tennessee so well. We are having lots of problems with the internet and things not loading correctly. I wasn't able to get onto Columbia College's website for two and a half days because of it. That made it hard to order my $400 books. We've called the internet provider, and they say everything looks great. But I can't start online classes on Monday and not be able to get on the website. We unfortunately might have to go shopping this weekend. Not looking forward to it. Hopefully we can find something on sale. Wish us luck!

Till Next Time,



Terri and Bob said...

Does Dollar General have a surplus area where they sell off their old computer stuff, like the state does? You might check into that. My Dell laptop was $550 and I love it. That is what I use at school, along with a Toshiba laptop which I love, too!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I enjoy the blog. Jenny and I are going to teh reunion tomorrow so we'll catch you up on all the fun gossip. Hope Janie enjoys her first day of school monday!


Terri and Bob said...

Can't wait to see the tomato fest... my all time favorite food. What kind of laptop?