Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of Pre-School

Alex started pre-school this morning. He was up at 6:45 and said, I'm ready to go to my school. I told him he had to eat breakfast and get dressed, so by 7:00 he was ready to go. So he woke up Janie and carried his back pack around for the next forty-five minutes and we finally left at 7:45. He was so excited the whole way there. He pointed it out and said, "That's my school, YAH!!" I told him he could pretend to be a little sad to not get to stay with Mommy all day, but he was ready to go. SO we went in, checked him in, and put all of his stuff in his cubby. Janie and I both left him a love note. Those are little notes that they get read to them after naps everyday. I hope David rememebers to leave him one every morning. Then we had to go to the room next door until his teacher got there. He was a little apprehensive going into the other room, but he found a moose to play with and gave me a hug and was good to go. I have to go back at 9:30 to get my badge made for entry into the building. So I might have to stop in and say hello! Don't you think?

Till Next Time



Julie said...

Alex you are such a big boy. you look cool with your backpack on. Call me on your way home from school, I can't wait to hear about your day! Love you,

Terri and Bob said...

I love your new backpack! I also think it is COOL that you leave love notes. Sooo sweet!