Thursday, March 12, 2009

I apologize...

I didn't do my Favorite Photo on Friday because I again had to work at 6:30 and we left town to head to Missouri as soon as I got off work. But I will share our weekend with you.

We headed to Missouri for two reasons, one Mom's birthday..she turned 70 on the 6th. The entire family--Minus Traci :-(--got together for brunch Saturday morning at Capital Plaza, since there is over 25 of us it was tough to find a place we could all be. After brunch we took pictures...can you find me? I think my tan makes me stick out a bit! :-)

Then Saturday night we all got together--minus Jay & Traci this time-- and had a shrimp boil at Mom and Dad' was good but I would have much rather had fried chicken..NEXT TIME MOM!

Sunday we went to church at IC for Lily's baptism. Lily wore the gown that has been in my Mom's family for 90 years. My Mom's oldest sister wore it when she was baptized. All five of us Meldrem's and most of the grandkids have worn it as well as many others.

It was a beautiful weekend spent with family. Too bad it was only a short time!


Terri and Bob said...

You had a great weekend! I love the dress. I bet Ashley would love to study it!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a great weekend! Hopefully we will see you again soon. You do have a killer tan... Lily is beautiful.--Jenny