Monday, October 20, 2008

Trick or Treat

Last night we went to the Nashville Zoo. They are having a special Halloween event this past weekend and this coming weekend and since we will be busy moving this coming weekend we took the kids last night. We went with David's boss Rick, his wife Gloria, and their daughter Samantha. The kids had a great time going from booth to booth trick or treating and getting their map stamped. Once they had all 20stamps they got to get a special surprise. (Cute Pumpkin Flashlight). We didn't see too many animals but we did go on a hayride and go through a Monster Lab where we got to touch Alien Guts, Kidney and Finger salad, brains, mummy skin and others. Alex did not like touching stuff. A lot of kids had their costumes on. We did not. David just didn't think it would be right for a hunter (Alex) to be at the zoo.

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Ashley and Eric said...

How cute! It sounds like a really good time!