Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moving Day

Moving Day came bright and early Saturday morning. The movers arrived at the apartment at 7:00am. Everyone was super tired. But they loaded up the truck, headed to storage to get a few more things, and then over to the house to unload. Unfortunately that's where the whole running smooth thing stopped. Kasey, the guy that was moving out of the house, was supposed to call us Friday afternoon with the keys and garage door opener. Kasey is a very slow mover. When I arrived at the house the first time at 7:30 there were no lights on. When I came back with the kids, Grandma, Grandpa and the dog, he was walking up the street to help the neighbor set up the big screen TV. He finally was gone at noon. And he still left a mess and a bunch of junk in the house. So our movers arrived at the house around 9:30 and waited an hour for Kasey to get out of the house. What a waste of time. They finally started loading around 11ish and got the first load done rather quickly. Then it was back to storage for the second load. Everything was in the house by 5. We did some cleaning and a little unpacking but all that was cut short because we had to go see High School Musical 3 Senior Year at 7:30. What fun!! We were all exhausted on Sunday. I've been working on unpacking all week. I think I may get it done eventually! :-)


Ashley and Eric said...

Your house is so beautiful! I'm sorry moving day didn't go as planned, but at least all of your things are at one place now! I hope you're doing well!

Terri and Bob said...

Moving day itself is a mess but the house is gorgeous and your story is just that... a story to remember forever! I just know you are all going to be happy as clams in your new house!